Guthrie Thomas is an American singer-songwriter, master 6 & 12 String acoustic guitarist, piano composer, and multi-instrumentalist. Thomas has recorded and released 62 full length albums, 3 motion pictures scores, and has recorded and performed with many of the most renown musicians in the world. He has also produced 16 albums of other artists, is a registered pharmacist, a painter, and author, among other things.

Thomas looks at fame as an incidental accident for most, to include himself, and is due only to those that have achieved their fame for their undeniable devotion and inviolable sanctuary and promise to their art. Thomas does not consider himself as one of these artists. This type of artist is as rare as the tenth planet in our galaxy, and the fact that no one can see it does not mean it isn't there.

Guthrie Thomas is a quiet man, somewhat reclusive, and he considers himself to be one of the worst singers on earth. His favorite quote when asked is, "If you want to know the truth, don't ask me as you are not going to like what you hear."

Thomas has always stated, "In music, theater, film, or any other form of artistic expression, It is not the artist that determines the depth of any artistic expression, it is the audience, for without the audience, the art is never heard or seen by either." "You are only as good as your speakers says you are."

As one of the greatest artists to ever walk upon this earth once told the Pope when asked by the pontiff, "Michelangelo, please tell me how you carved this masterpiece?" Michelangelo humbly replied, "I did not carve the Pietà, I just removed the stone from around them and set them free."

"Your art must be your passion and this passion can never be another individual.."

                                                                                                               Guthrie Thomas

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Willie Nelson and Guthrie Thomas
The Smith Center, Las Vegas, Nevada



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