I have photographs from the past 43 years of recording
and these are just a few of importance to me

At Work

Dr. Buddy "Budrock" Prewitt, L.D.
on the right is

Willie Nelson's Executive Lighting Director
and has been for 40 years

Lukas Nelson, Toni Clark, and Guthrie Thomas

 My Close Friend, Motion Picture Director
Hal Ashby

David Carradine and Guthrie Thomas
in the film
Bound for Glory

Bound for Glory
Motion Picture Poster United Artists

Willie Nelson's Guitar

Willie Nelson Performing
with the
Guitar Picks we make for him

Alan Bangs CD Release of Night Flight Radio Interview
BFBS Radio, Germany

Arlo Guthrie & Guthrie Thomas

GT Concert in Italy

My Father, Bill

Live in Concert in Sesto Calende, Italy

With Famed Radio DJ, Jens Messtorff

John Hartford and Guthrie Thomas

Lukas Nelson Playing Guthrie's Guitar

Guthrie Thomas Live in London

Live Benefit Concert for Cerebral Palsy in New York

My Worst Enemy and Closest Friend, The Piano

Rolling Stone, Ron Wood, and Guthrie Thomas

Jerry Jeff Walker and Guthrie Thomas
Willie Nelson Picnic

Ramblin' Jack Elliott with Bob Dylan
The Man That Started My Music Career

Ringo Starr and Guthrie Thomas
Recording my Capitol Record, Lies and Alibi's

Ringo Starr and Guthrie Thomas

Record Producer and American Eagle Foundation Founder
Albert Cecere

Hollywood Motion Picture Screenwriter's, Producers, and Director's
Raynold Gideon and Bruce Evans
Ray ,on the left, produced my first album 42 years ago

My Mother
Betty Jo

The one that allowed all of the above to begin
with her understanding,
belief, and hopes for me
Rest in Peace My Darling Young One



The Guthrie Thomas Company